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Welcome to the
second largest
platform in the World.
(Amazon is #1)

Every high-intent
purchase starts with
a search query.

In order to be
everywhere your
customers are when it
matters the most your
products have to show
up on Google.

We help you dominate
eCommerce with Google
Shopping & Google
Search in the 3 ways that
matter the most

1. Business Specific
Growth Levers

Before we spend a penny we dive deep into your numbers to understand how your business makes money. We take into consideration your Customer Acquisition Cost and your Customer Lifetime Value to know what goals we need to hit for you to grow.

If you don’t know those metrics we can help you figure them out, even if you’ve never ran an ad on Google Shopping or Google Search.

During our bi-weekly calls with your assigned Growth team, we’ll go over a performance dashboard to know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

Progress towards your goals matters the most. And progress starts with the right initial set up for success – a fully optimized Google Shopping feed.

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2. Effective &
Efficient Budget

“Should I put more money on Google Search or Google Shopping”? We get it, they’re two different advertising channels with their own algorithms and purpose during the customer’s purchasing journey.

Once you become aware of this, you’ll realize that even though they’re unique in their own terms, together they can become a powerful engine for eCommerce growth.

At least 60% of your advertising budget goes to Google Shopping. This channel is the key to unlocking the growth potential of your eCommerce business outside of Amazon and therefore needs budget priority.

30% is efficiently allocated between Search Text Ads & Branded Search Ads to capture high-intent shoppers looking for relevant products your business can offer.

The last 10% goes to Video ads on YouTube & the Google Display Network.

This is a true omni-channel strategy powered by Google and fueled by demand.

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3. The Right
Message At The
Right Time To The
Right Person

Most agencies focus on clicking buttons without realizing that every ad is a new experience and every new experience is an opportunity for new customers to enter your ecosystem.

Churn-and-burn agencies assume that each shopper should be treated the same and that the path to purchase is linear.

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This couldn’t be further from the truth as
shown by a breakthrough study from
Google. They call this “The Messy Middle.”

As your brand grows and gets more organic and paid exposure, our strategies will put your products at the forefront of every triggering event that leads customers to a purchase by being everywhere your customers go.

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We’ve Got Strategies
for Amazon Too

Did you know that Google can also be used
to complement your Amazon growth

Our mission is to unify online sales channels
to create multi-million dollar world-
changing brands.

Google Search and Display ads are not
exclusive for Shopify stores. Complement
your Amazon PPC ads with Search ads
to create a full Omni-channel experience.

Send people straight to your listing and
increase your sales velocity and ranking.

We call this Search Monopolization

Amazon’s latest update to their A10
algorithm is prioritizing external traffic so by
showing your ads on Google and sending
people to Amazon you’ll be rewarded by
their system with more exposure.

Let us help you be
everywhere your
customers are.
Contact us today!