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Here’s a fact:

Sustainable and profitable eCommerce growth depends on your customers coming back.

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And if you’re not engaging with your existing and potential customers via email you’re leaving a ton of money on the table (or inbox).

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Our strategies start before we click send. The start by capturing the most essential pieces of data - the almighty email address.

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Data is the new oil and if you know how to dig that oil, your revenue can grow up to 40%.

We can help you leverage this misunderstood but essential channel in the 3 ways that matter the most to your business.

Our email designs are not only beautiful, they also make money.

1 . Delight & Capture

More Leads = More Customers


We start by implementing branded and non-spammy pop-ups that incentivize your visitors to grant you access to their email.

With immediate gratification we’ll persuade those leads to purchase your products in the same session.

This will help offset the cost of the advertising by lowering your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and increasing your AOV (Average Order Value).

After all you don’t need a bunch of emails – you need a bunch of customers.

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2. Inspire & Convert

Sales. Sales. Sales


Once we’ve captured the email our work is just getting started. Depending on the customer’s last action we’ll set up emails to trigger based on their behavior.

They abandoned their cart and left your website without purchasing? No worries, we’ll recover that sale while you sleep.

They asked for a coupon but didn’t purchase? We’ll indoctrinate them into your company to show them the value of your product and persuade them to purchase.

They came to your website to look around but didn’t do anything else? It’s okay, the power of automation will show them the last product they saw and remind them to purchase it.

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3. Educate & Retain

The Key To Consistent Growth


Retaining your customers is the key to eCommerce success. We’ll accomplish this while building a positive relationship with your brand by showing your customers that they made the right decisions by supporting a World-changing company with behind-the-scenes content.

Not everything is about sales and offers.

Your customers want to know what mission drives your company forward, how your products and their materials and ingredients align with their beliefs, and most importantly why you started this brand.

Consistent marketing campaigns will ensure your customer’s Lifetime Value is always increasing. And that’s how we can promise you growth.

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We’ve Got Strategies
for Amazon Too

Did you know that Email Marketing can also be used to complement your Amazon growth strategy?

Our mission is to unify online sales channels to create multi-million dollar world-changing brands.

Email Marketing Strategies are not exclusive for Shopify stores.

Send people straight to your listing and increase your sales velocity and ranking. We’ll make sure to stay compliant with Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Amazon’s latest update to their A10 algorithm is prioritizing external and organic traffic so by incentivizing the existing customers on your online store to purchase from your Amazon listing and search for your products by brand name you’ll be able to dominate the Buy-Box 100% of the time.

Let us help you be
everywhere your customers
are. Contact us today!