The Bridge Between Your Product and a Buyer is Ad Content

Discover multiple types of ads you can use on or off Amazon to sell your products.

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High concept ads are campaign videos built around a big, philosophical, brand-value-driving story, rather than a specific product. They can also center seasonal events from your marketing calendar (like Black Friday, Cyber Monday) or social causes (like Juneteenth).

These are what you might think of as “Super Bowl” commercials — large-scale productions (or, at least, appearing as large-scale productions) — aimed at creating brand awareness.


Meme ads mimics the general look and feel of an Internet meme. This can include lots of abbreviations, emojis, white top-and-bottom text.

This is a highly targeted type of ad and it should be something that your target audience would immediately understand.


Type of brand awareness ad that uses any form of press the product has received to create trust. This can be done by displaying publication logos and quotes.


Still images or videos that show the before-and-after effects of product use. They’re incredibly effective, but come with a warning …

Facebook ad policy states: “Ads must not contain ‘before-and-after’ images or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results. Ad content must not imply or attempt to generate negative self-perception in order to promote diet, weight loss, or other health-related products. Ads for health, fitness or weight loss products must be targeted to people 18 years or older.”


Type of testimonial that uses influencer marketing, athletes, or everyday customers as product ambassadors. It covers three points: (1) who they are, (2) their pain points, and (3) their relationship to the product.


Reaction videos are handheld or otherwise low-resolution videos that show a person experiencing a product. Showing people’s faces is a particularly powerful way to give potential customers an idea of what’s in store for them.


Review ads are a type of social proof ad that includes a verbatim, direct-quote, straight-from-a-real-customer testimonial. This can be either visible with a text overlay or audible with a video recording.


User-generated content ads are self-shot videos by customers or influencers. They range from 30 to 60 seconds in length. The best UGC ads show the product in use and — at the same time — explain the benefits or features.


Unboxing video ads show the customer the packaging in which the product is delivered.

It gives details on what they can expect when they receive it and open it. Some of the best unboxing ads are UGC reactions.


Product video that features 3D renderings. This can include text on the screen that describes notable features and benefits.

3D renderings allow you to get “shots” of the product that would be difficult to capture with traditional photo and video equipment.


A short snippet, video that loops forwards, then backwards, over and over.

It’s a more dynamic alternative to still imagery. The repetition is a great way to highlight an important motion that your product makes or a key benefit.


An addition to still photographs where minor and repeated movement are created to form a video clip.

This transforms still images into high-converting motion graphics. It can also lift watch times, depending on the level of creativity in the design.


Visual representation of the differences between the product you're advertising and your product's competitors.

Call attention to the best parts of your product. It’s a great way to win over prospects who are still in the research phase.

flat lay

Made popular by Tasty, this is a stop motion video of a product.

It's shot from above and is used to dynamically show product features. Flat lay videos work extremely well with apparel, tech, and food products to place more focus on details.


A low-quality, animated image that’s in internet-native format. It has the potential to speak more fluently in the language of the internet savvy consumer.

GIFs should be used only if context is common knowledge among your audience.

Grid swap

This is where multiple SKUs are laid out on a grid. Color backgrounds are used to make the product itself pop.

Grid swaps can be useful if you have more than one SKU but fewer than 10. They’re even more powerful when those SKUs work together as a bundle or upsell.

HOw to's

A video that clearly displays how the customer will use the product after they receive it.

How-to’s are purely educational. They should essentially be step-by-step instructions and are brilliant for overcoming objections or adding pre-purchase value in the form of DIY explanations. In either case, clarity is paramount.


A video overlaid with still imagery or a banner.

Hybrids allows you to combine motion with a message that stays on screen the whole time. It boosts ad engagement by providing clear information coupled with relevant imagery.


This is a hand-drawn animation video. It adds a whimsical, "fun" element to ad materials.

Illustrations are best used when photography won't work or your imagination expands beyond the limits of real-world tools!


These ads are based on the "Mashable" style of text-on-screen video.

This allows you to create a story that people are compelled to read. Mashable style ads are useful for educating prospecting audiences on the specific benefits of your product while simultaneously catching eyes and stopping scrolls.

Product reveal

Creative video that gradually reveals what the product is.

Product reveals have great potential for engaging the Facebook user through intrigue and mystery. This increases attention as well as interest: i.e., watch time.

product video

A high-quality, scripted video piece. It cinematically highlights product features or benefits. New products or limited-edition drops — especially to existing customers — fit these perfectly.

Screen record

A screen recording ad is a video of your screen while you use your website.

It serves as a great educational tool. It also brings the experience of shopping directly to potential customers, easing the transition from ad to website.


Slideshow ads are a series of still images that follow one after the other.

The images do not need to contain transitions between images. Think: sharp, jolting cuts. It can be a good way to show multiple products in one ad.


Specs call attention to product specifications via text on screen. Specs ads often work best for products that are hi-tech or hi-tech-adjacent.

Still, they can be great for non-tech industries, especially when you need to justify a higher price point than the market typically expects.

Stop motion

Stop motion is a film making technique where objects are physically manipulated incrementally. Each movement is photographed so that they will simulate independent motion when the series of frames are replayed as a fast sequence.

Text overlay

Perhaps the most straightforward creative type, this tried-and-true ad is nothing more than text over an image. Text overlay doesn’t include text that appears sequentially on a background still.

If you’re running a sale or discount — especially around a peak buying season — don’t overthink it. Put the deal front and center along with the products.

Value prop

Value proposition ads include an on-screen list of (you guessed it) the specific value propositions of your product.

Video inlay

Video inlays are videos within a still image. These add a bit of motion to an otherwise static ad.


Vignettes are cutout images of products laid over background video. They’re essentially the inverse of video inlays meant to serve the same purpose.

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